Knowing the value and worth of an asset/ business is a pre-requisite for intelligent decision making- it helps in making investment choices for a portfolio, in deciding the appropriate price to pay or receive in case of a private placement or takeover or an arm’s length transaction and in taking financing and dividend decisions for running a business. Business Valuation is a process of determining the fair value of a business or a unit of the company.


  • Better knowledge of assets of the Company
  • Determine a Company’s Resale Value
  • Obtain a True Company Value
  • Helps During Mergers/ Acquisitions
  • Access to More Investors
  • To manage tax transactions efficiently
  • To enhance the performance of the business
  • To determine the Return on Investment (ROI)
  • To determine the optimal capital structure for the business


Our specialised valuation team does a detailed analysis of the Company’s history and business, Comparable companies and related transactions for quantifying the real worth of a business and helping the company and prospective investors in making an informed investment decision. We have executed more than 50 valuations in different context and industries including Capital Goods, HR Consulting, Gems and Jewellery, Consumer Durables, e-commerce, FMCG, Financial Services, Automobile, Healthcare & Pharma, Hotels, NBFC’s, Industrial Machinery, IT Software, IT Hardware, Media, Metals and Mining, Real Estate, Retail, Textiles, Transportation, Infra etc. We value businesses and securities such as Equity shares, Preference shares, Debentures, Convertible securities (CCPS, CCD), Hybrid Instruments and Derivatives (Options and Futures).


Valuation plays an important role in portfolio management, acquisition analysis and in corporate finance. The purpose of obtaining a Valuation certificate/ Valuation report could be to know the value of one’s business and improve it’s performance or for compliance and other purposes such as:

Business/ Equity Valuation For Investment/ Acquisition/ Sale/ Strategic decisions/ Voluntary Value assessment of Business/ Equity Shares including convertible instruments
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Valuation and Swap Ratio For determining relative valuation of companies and share exchange ratio in the event of Arrangement/ Amalgamation
Intangible Valuation For Investment/ Acquisition/ Sale of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s)/ Brand/ Software for Value assessment, and Accounting and Financial reporting purposes
RBI Valuation Under FEMA Laws (FDI), Valuation certificate is required for Issue/ Transfer of Equity Shares/ Compulsory convertible instruments between resident and non- resident and for Investment
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