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Raised INR 742+ Crore till now


HOLANI CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED is a SEBI registered Category-I Merchant Banker (Reg No. INM000012467) based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It offers services related to the financial markets such as IPO management, Business Valuation consultancy, Financial Management and Advisory, Bank Financing and other advisory/ consultancy services related to Securities Market. Read More


Recent Transactions

Motisons Jewellers Limited

IPO Funding of Rs. 184.09 Crores

Goyal Salt Limited

IPO Funding of Rs. 18.63 Crores

Shera Energy Limited

IPO Funding of Rs. 45.46 Crores

Insolation Energy Limited

IPO Funding of Rs. 22.16 Crores

Cool Caps Industries Limited

IPO Funding of Rs. 11.62 Crores

Asian Granito India Limited

Rights Issue Funding of Rs. 224.64 Crores

Network People Services Technologies Limited

IPO funding of 13.70 Crores

Infollion Research Services Limited

IPO Funding of Rs. 21.45 Crores

Tutorials Point India Limited

PE Funding of 7.00 crores

GKP Printing & Packaging

IPO Funding of 657.92 Lakhs

Lagnam Spintex Limited

IPO Funding of 2,460 Lakhs

E2E Networks Limited

IPO Funding of 2,199 Lakhs

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